About the Artist

Michael Daddario

Since my retirement from teaching High School Art, I continue to create, explore and innovate thru study and practice.  Art is an important and enjoyable pursuit in my personal and professional life.

I create images and objects in a variety of techniques and mediums. Currently, my focus in art production is in Ceramic, Painting and Printmaking. Teaching in a rural school district with a small staff required me to be flexible with an ability to guide and create in a variety of mediums and skills. The diverse approach in medium taught and practiced in the classroom stimulated my creative interest beyond an area of specialty.

I wish to extend a note of gratitude to the Art & Craft Gallery of Hamburg in providing a venue for my work.  Please continue to support the gallery artists and art in our schools.

Work is currently displayed in the Art and Craft Gallery of Hamburg at 320 State Street, Hamburg, PA.

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