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Jeffrey Dengler

Jeffrey A. Dengler is a husband and father of three foremost. Family is everything. Jeffrey’s involvement in the paranormal began many years ago. The catalyst for his involvement started in a home that has been part of his family for over 30 years. He experienced everything one would imagine living in a haunted house. Later in life, Jeffrey experienced a traumatic event that opened him up even more to the spirit world. This event was truly humbling, and it affected him to his core. It was all part of his awakening. Jeffrey has a passion to help others by utilizing his knowledge of the paranormal field and what he believes are his God given gifts and abilities to tune into the spirit world to help individuals and their soul heal. He feels it is a divine guidance and push to be there for others in this way. Jeffrey has two books published to date. Both books are true hauntings in which he describes his own experiences.

The Minersville Mansion

Teresa decided she needed a change. She sold her home in a small town in eastern Pennsylvania. She finds this 23 – room mansion about an hour north in the coal regions of the state. This Romanesque style mansion that dates back to 1904 was in need of some repairs. Teresa didn’t mind because she felt drawn to this house. As soon as the renovation began, they started seeing figures, hearing voices, knocking sounds, feeling of being watched, and other unexplainable experiences. It was all becoming increasingly unsettling to the point where Teresa wanted someone to come to the mansion and investigate why these things were happening.

This story is the true chronological account of a three-year journey of investigating and researching the mansion. During this quest we encountered a concealed staircase and uncovered a hidden room. Our personal experiences along with the evidence captured made it clear that this mansion had a story to tell. We set out to find the answers. While we unearthed many mysteries of the mansion, some seemed to be buried so deep that they may never see the light.

They say you don’t pick the house; the house picks you.

The Spirits of Shoemakersville Road

This is a true story of a haunting that took place just outside Hamburg. The activity centers around an 84-year-old woman by the name of Mary Lou, her son Todd, and her granddaughter Tina. Mary Lou was a widow and the last surviving out of all her siblings. She didn’t understand why she was the only one remaining. This story takes you through when I was first called to the home, the investigation, research, how my gifts/ abilities come into play, and how family on the other side as well as spirits of the land made their presence known. It is a tale of lingering spirits, a story of love and how our passed loved ones are always with us even when we may think otherwise.

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