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Olapeju Simoyan

Ola was exposed to photography at an early age, growing up in a diplomatic family with parents who actively documented family experiences with photography as they travelled across continents. Despite this early exposure, she didn’t actually own a camera till she was over the age of 30!

Since getting her own camera, Ola developed an interest in nature photography and had her photograph titled “He leadeth my beside the still waters” published in Voyages Through Time by the International Library of Photography. Since then, several of her photographs have been published in literary journals.

She has combined her passions for photography and writing by publishing photobooks, Scranton, a Place to Call Home and The Amazing World of Butterflies. Her third photobook, Living Foolproof! (a devotional)will soon be available on Amazon.

You can find Ola’s work in the Art & Craft Gallery of Hamburg.

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