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MARTAFACT'Studio / Marta Tomosy-Herman

Fine art works

A young girl, upon seeing one of my watercolors, made up a word saying, “Your art is so naturativ.” It is indeed inspired by nature and based on the love of both the predictability and the randomness that is in all people, animals, plants, and planets. So…it’s all just naturativ!


Weathered wood paired with supple clay for rhythmic harmony.
The twists and turns of weathered wood are composed with clay. The two meld to form a beautigful and useful vessel or platter that will entice your imagination.


A treasure for life and for generations. Capturing a joyful or thoughtful moment that lights up the face or reveals a personality is my inspiration. I can work from life, from your photo or I will take a photo. Average price for a 10″ x 12″ size in pastel is $125.00. 

Type of Artist
Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Fabric Art
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