About the Artist

Margi Wright

I always find it difficult to describe myself as I am a very diversified individual. I will try to break myself down, as to not bore you all, into five key areas.

Number one is family. My husband and I of over 30 years, yes to the same person, have three adult children, two of whom are married and one with two children of her own. Being a Mom mom is the best. We reside within a short hop down the hill to The Westy with my Mom and three big dogs.

Number two is reading. I am a voracious reader and it is not unusual for me to read over two hundred books in any given year. I love a good mystery but I also will delve into esoteric and ancient historical topics. I do not have one favorite author, I have many!

Number three is athleticism. I have worked out in one way or another all my life. I played basketball, I have done a number of triathlons, cross country skiing and I lift weights and enjoy CrossFit. My husband says this is how I burn off the crazy.

Number four is teaching. I am foremost an educator and I am truly happy when I am sharing what I love. I loved teaching high school History in NJ and attained a Fellowship in American History. That love of teaching is now the best kind as I no longer have to do lesson plans or grade papers. I love teaching my fifth and final area: Fiber Arts.

Fiber Arts: I knit, crochet, spin a variety of fibers into yarn, I dye yarn and I weave. I love demonstrating, especially in historical dress. I teach drop spindle spinning and open fire dyeing at Joanna Furnace to fourth graders every spring. I also demonstrate flax and wool and spinning and open fire dyeing using natural dyes at a variety of festivals and historic locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Twice a year I teach a textile class down the Jersey Shore about how to go from a fleece to a fabric and the students get to drop spindle spin. I love seeing the joy of learning taking place.


Type of Artist
Fabric Art, Crafts
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